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Recent changes

11 July 2008: Project discontinued

The Dorgem project is now officially discontinued. See my blog for more details.

19 June 2005: Nightly Builds

I have setup a nightly build system. In you can find a fresh build from the current CVS. The build are generated at 05:00 local time in The Netherlands. Please understand that these builds are based upon the current CVS and therefore there is no garanteed at all about the stability of these builds.

This nightly build system also builds a Change Log, based upon the changes in the CVS. In this file you can see the most recent changes to the CVS and see if it is neccesary to download the nightly build.

Know that the files in that directory are uploaded every night, even if there was no change to the CVS.

24 May 2005: Released 2.1.0

After a beta status for almost 2 years, today I finally released version 2.1.0. The main difference with the last beta 5 is that the web server also has the custom caption.

You might ask, it that all you have done this last year. I spend a lot of time investigating the problems some people reported concurning the stability of Dorgem. I'll afraid I must idmit I haven't find out why this happens. I have held up the release hoping I would find it but all I can think of is that the problems are camera related.

Therefore I will start to try and migrate from the old Video for Windows to the new DirectX way to access the camera. I hope this will solve these problems. There are other advantages about DirectX, like the fact that not all new cameras do have support for VfW anymore. But see the roadmap for more details.

The list with new features since 2.0 is quite long. See the help file for all of them. I hope you all will enjoy this new version!

20 April 2005: IRC Channel

As I mentioned in my weblog, I recently started an IRC channel. For more details see the contact page.

29 September 2004: Website updates

Recently I added some users to the Users page and today I added a roadmap for the next releases.

7 June 2004: Stability problems

I'm having major problems with the stability of Dorgem 2.1.0 beta 5. Probably a memory or resource leak has got in the program. I don't recall beta 5 for this, but I strongly advise to use Dorgem 2.0 in a production environment. For more details see me blog.

13 May 2004: Released 2.1.0 beta 5

When beta 4 was release I thought it was going to be the last release before the official release of version 2.1.0. But shortly after beta 4 was released, several people reported problems with the FTP upload. I found out that the WinINet based FTP caused these problems. Therefore I decides to move away from the WinINet based FTP and use my own. Since this has serious impact on the program I decided to release an extra beta.

Apart from that not much is changed. See the help for the full version history.

I also got a contribution of Petr Vacek. He added support to Dorgem for other common used graphic file format using the DevIL library. This will also be in the next official release and maybe an extra beta will be released for this as well. For more details see me blog.

9 April 2004: Users / Project page

Today I changed two things.

29 January 2004: Released 2.1.0 beta 4

This is the last beta release before the official release of version 2.1.0.

Main differences between beta 3 and beta 4:

Please be aware that this is beta software. I can contain bugs and some feature are not fully developed yet. As far as I know the program doesn't crash, but as always no warranty.

The sources are not available for download, but in the CVS.

5 September 2003: Released 2.1.0 beta 3

This is the first public beta release of version 2.1.0. Beta 1 and 2 were send to a small group of people who reported bugs, suggested or implemented new features.

19 February 2003

29 January 2003 2 January 2003: Released version 2.0.0

Major new features:

Other new (or improved) features: Bugs fixed:

A full version history is in help file of the program.