Dorgem Roadmap

This is a roadmap for the next release of Dorgem.

Version 3.0
This is next major release of Dorgem. It will be a wxWidgets based rebuild of Dorgem. The main advantage of wxWidgets is that it is a multi platform framework, so I hope I can release a Linux version as well.

It will have DirectX support to communicate with the camera. The wxVidCap component I'm using does not have support for DirectShow, so I will have to hack that in myself. I'm also considering to use libvidcap, but that would require yet another major change.

Another thing I'm planning to do it the support for localisation or translation of the program in other languages then English.

And the last major thing I want to do (although probably beyond version 3.0) is to add support for plug-ins. I haven't decided on the model, but right now I think I will use a model similar to the Winamp plug-ins.

Important notice
This is a roadmap, not a timeline. The reason for this is very simple. My time is limited and I maintain Dorgem in my spare time. Therefore I don't want to make promises, I know I can't keep.

And I don't garantee that all things mentioned here will really make in the mentioned version.