Contacting the author

If you want to contact Frank Fesevur, you can send an e-mail. The prevert method is to use the contact form below.

To report a bug or suggest new features you can also go to the project space at SourceForge.

And you can often find me in the official Dorgem IRC channel. You can use your own client to join the channel, or you can use this Java based client.
  Channel: #dorgem
  My nick: FFes

Whenever there are updates in the development worth to mention, I will publish them in my weblog.

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Know that I can only respond to messages in English or Dutch.

If you don't trust such a form, open your email program and send an email for to . The address is an image without a link that you have to retype in your mail client. This is done to try to hide it for email harvesters.