Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Dorgem' mean?

Nothing (as far as I know). A program needs a name and I didn't want a name like WebCap, SuperCam, GreatCapture, etc. So I made a combination of letters which could be a word. I searched serveral Web Search Engines and none of them gave a result on 'Dorgem'. So I desided that would be the name.

Do you have a 'Powered by' button for my website?

Off course, here is one.

Webcam powered by Dorgem
<a href=""><img src="PoweredByDorgem.png" alt="Webcam powered by Dorgem" border=0 width=95 height=31></a>

Now %W is no longer available, how do I show what is playing in Winamp?

You can use the Winamp AMIP plug-in ( in combination with the File option of the Text Caption. The AMIP plug-in can create a text file with a lot of tags from the current playing song in Winamp. And AMIP is not limited to Winamp.

Can you build a custom version for our portal site or company?

No. As you must have noticed, you see I don't release new versions often. This is because I have limited time and I don't want to spend my time building a custom version, when I could have spend time to improve the normal version of Dorgem. Not even for some money. I've never released any of my software to make money out of it. I have a job that pays the bills and I want to decide when I work on my programs and not let it become an extra job, with all its side effects.

But you have access to the sources. As long as you respect the GPL license, you can make your own custom build version.

Frank, is your webcam available on-line?

Not much, but you can try it here.